Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can it be spring break yet?

I'm ready for spring break, school is getting really repetitive and it seems like it gets harder to sit through class and focus, especially when the two classes I sit through the professor just reads from notes or powerpoints which we already have. I started my observations in the clinic yesterday and saw an audiologist work with two patients that were from some sort of home, they had evident mental disabilities which was interesting to see. It was a little boring though just watching hearing tests and screenings, I am more excited about my observations with an SLP, I think I am too much of a people person to go with audiology. I can't wait for spring break and catching up with friends and just relaxing, it's just a week but it will be nice. Only 9 more days!

And I have some pictures to post of this past weekend, my roomate and I had a girls night with sushi and drinks..maybe a little too many drinks..but it was fun!


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