Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fresh flowers make everything better

Tuesdays I don't have class and today I was actually pretty productive. I woke up and went to work from 9-1 then worked out from about 2-3, I am trying to keep up a regular routine of going to the gym but it seems so hard when my schedule is always changing. I start obsverations in the clinic for audiology and speech pathology next week which will make me a million times more busy it feels like. I can't believe it is almost March! Wow does time fly..I wil be out for summer in less than 3 months and it still feels like the year just started.
I have two tests tomorrow that I have been studying for, but I feel like I haven't really killed myself studying for them, I think I burned myself out last semester and now I just feel like I don't try as hard. Maybe it is just an easier semester, but I am enjoying spending my time not just on school which I think I did for too long last semester. So this semester I am settling for good grades, they don't have to be perfect and having more down time. On a side note though, I think I care way too much about my grades because I am so worried about getting into the graduate school I want to go to, I'll apply next year which is so crazy!
This weekend I am attempting to make some fun things for my apartment, ideas I got from my sister's blog and I can't wait! I love making the apartment all cute, one thing I think I am going to keep up is buying fresh flowers to put in a vase. I bought some amazing yellow roses just because this weekend and put them in a vase on my coffee table and it just makes me smile every time I walk into my apartment. My friend gave me the idea, she and her roomates always keep fresh flowers on their table, so my roomate and I are going to start the same tradition. I suggest anyone try it for a week, I promise it will brighten your day.
Back to studying...one more read through of this stuff and then I'm done for the night


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  1. I love the fresh flowers idea! Jon got me flowers for valentine's day and they still look great...it makes the kitchen table look so much better. I think I am going to keep it up and buy flowers at my weekly grocery store trip. :)